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Latest updates from the campaign:

"Dan Bockhorst Will Protect Your Family's Checkbook"(SitNews, Letter to the Editor from Gary Wilken, former state senator)

A letter of support was sent to SitNews by Gary Wilken, former state senator who represented Fairbanks for 12 years (1997-2008).  As I have mentioned elsewhere, in my prior career for the State of Alaska, I worked closely with legislators on significant issues affecting local governments.  Gary Wilken was one of those legislators.  I appreciate his comments in the letter to SitNews.  I hope you can take the time to read it, because he has known me for many years, knows my capabilities and dedication.  Here is a link to a pdf of the letter published by SitNews:

"Vote Bockhorst" (Ketchikan Daily News, Letter to the Editor from Mike Painter, former Assembly Member)

I was pleased to see in the Ketchikan Daily News a letter of support from Mike Painter, former Assembly Member who served the Ketchikan Gateway Borough for four terms (12 years).  Not only was Mike Painter one of the Assembly Members who participated in the selection of the Borough Manager when I was hired, he has first-hand knowledge regarding my performance as Borough Manager.  I appreciate Mike's support and urge you to read his letter.  Here is a link to a pdf of the letter published in the Ketchikan Daily News:

'Crisis' at Waterfall?  -- Letter to the Editor of the Ketchikan Daily News from Dan Bockhorst, Candidate for Borough Assembly

After reviewing a letter to the Editor of the Ketchikan Daily News from one of the candidates, I felt it necessary to respond to correct some misperceptions and erroneous information contained in that letter.  Here is a link to my Letter to the Editor  published in the September 15-16, 2018 weekend edition of the Ketchikan Daily News.

Meet and Greet at the Plaza Mall

On Saturday, September 8, I had a Meet & Greet table at the Plaza Mall to reach out to the community. I was pleased to speak with those who stopped by, and share three brochures I prepared setting out some basic information about Borough expenditures, taxes, and school funding.  Here are links to my brochures that may be helpful as you evaluate the candidates, understand my position on issues, and consider the importance of your vote.  As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Candidate Forums Held by the Chamber of Commerce and KRBD.

Two candidate forums were held on September 6, one by the Chamber of Commerce at Cape Fox, and one by KRBD at its station.  Both forums were recorded, and I understand the Chamber will post its recording on its site, and KRBD has already posted its radio recording of the forum on its site:


Christening of the Ferry Tazlina at Vigor.

On August 11, I was honored to attend the christening of the new ferry Tazlina, at Vigor's shipyard.  I think the one line that resonated with me was made by Doug Ward who proudly announced that this is the first State of Alaska ferry that can wear the "Made in Alaska" label.  Doug was rightfully proud of that, as should every citizen of our State support thsoat happening.  It is remarkable that any shipyard other than Vigor would even be considered.  I hope that "bidder preference" to Alaskan shipyards can always be considered by our State government when considering bid proposals on any future ferry replacements. During my tenure as Borough Manager, I am also proud to note that the Ketchikan Shipyard built our latest Airport ferry, the Ken Eichner II.  It is great to recognize that the Ken Eichner II can also rightfully bear the "Made in Alaska label! 

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